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At Labtek we are committed to minimising environmental impact. To pursue this goal we have implemented the following initiatives:

Responsible Sources:

The FSC is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. Labtek's marketing, including our catalogue, are produced on FSC certified paper from responsible sources. You can learn more by visiting www.fsc.org.

Reducing Wastage Paper:

Utilising email wherever possible, Labtek has greatly reduced printing output. Customer statements, supplier remittance advices, copies of invoices and quotations, are all available via email and do not require printing.

Recycling Used Paper:

Whilst Labtek cuts back on paper usage wherever possible, producing some is inevitable. To counteract our paper usage we have invested in hardware and software which enables us to store our financial records electronically. This allows us to recycle these documents as packaging materials.